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Or was it just an accident and we are misinterpreting it? THE wonderful world of Disney has long been suspected of hiding subliminal sexual messages in its animated films. Even Matthew Broderick admitted he assumed he was lending his voice to a US adaptation of Kimba when he started work on the film awkward. Did Disney Acquire Pornhub? If enough people saw it that it became a known anomaly, and when you tell people about it and they look and can see it, maybe, then surely someone at Disney caught this a few times before it was put in the film?

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Snopes reports that they spoke to the artist, who claimed it was an accidental coincidence, but don't provide a source quote.

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The Lion King Contains Hidden SEX Messages

The store is open! Give with PayPal or Learn More. Disney has always officially denied having the adult-oriented easter eggs in their movies, so I doubt any official word will ever be had. Some dust goes flying into the air I'm assuming Simba is the lion; I'd rather drink bleach than watch a recent Disney animated film. Sportsphoto Ltd. Fact Check Disney. And who'd want that?

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