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Hebephilia--a would-be paraphilia caught in the twilight zone between prepubescence and adulthood". These men also reported experiencing high levels of psychological distress, at clinically relevant levels. Continue with Google. Blanchard cited recent research he had conducted regarding the alleged reproductive success of hebephiles, pedophiles and teleiophiles individuals attracted primarily or exclusively to adults. The Kuwaiti Encyclopaedia of Fiqh. The internet is an unregulated media which means it can be a safe-haven for all sorts of hate-mongers and aberrations; in this case their vile and unscholarly claims are directed at Muslims.

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O'Donohue praised Blanchard et al.

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Islamic law does not allow sex with minors both girls and boys. People who scream about killing all the pedophiles may have to kill 1 million American men! The girls would have to wait for maturity ie puberty before consummating the marriage. Developmental studies are rare because scientists and parents are reluctant to include children and adolescents in sex research. The Islamophobe uses textual acrobatics and his own interpolations in order to argue for his allegation.

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